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All American Award
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Education - All American Club Award Program

The All American Club Award was established to encourage clubs to share their activities and expertise with other clubs within their respective regions and with the clubs of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. This was done by the seven regional federations and the AFMS in 1967. It was also meant to provide an organized approach to an historical record of a club’s activities, and provide a means for national recognition of these exceptional clubs.

The Award focuses on the efforts of each club to be a good neighbor, support other clubs and government initiatives, and provide an avenue of learning and growth for its members, among other things. Each report is read and judged for completeness and quality, as well as inclusion of those activities thought to make a well-rounded club. This is not a competition between clubs, but rather a competition of each club against a ‘national standard’, established by a committee of judges and regional chairmen.

The Award is broken into two categories: large clubs (100 members or more) and small clubs (less than 100 members). Junior clubs with five or more members can also submit entries. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given, based on a point-count system.

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2017 - What you need to know about the All American Club Yearbook

The All American Club Award is given to the individual club Yearbook that highlights a club’s activities for the past year. Group activities, individual member participation, workshops and shows are all part of a great club. Credit is given for member attendance at regional and national shows, holding officer positions on various committees, writing to state representatives, involvement in ALAA, and junior programs and workshops - activities that reflect an active club that makes membership worthwhile for everyone. The AACA awards are recognition of these activities, with bronze, silver and gold levels and an overall 1st place gold award.

There are a few changes this year as we refine the process for the pdf entrys. First, there is now a statement about publishing the winning entrys to the website. Entrys achieving the gold level will be posted on the AFMS website (or portions of them) unless the club revokes that permission in the entry form. Protecting the privacy of club members and junior members will be given utmost consideration so the documents posted will curated to that end.

The pdf of the yearbook should have bookmarks for each section. Most pdf software includes tools to generate bookmarks, so you can go to each section and designate a bookmark for that section. The pdf may have internal links – for example, you can link Section 2 of the entry form to the first page of Section 2. Even individual items listed in the criteria for Section 2 may link to that specific page of supporting documentation.

However, no external links to websites should be in the pdf. For instance, don’t link to the photo album on your website as documentation for a show or meeting. The pdf should generate a complete physical book if printed out, and external links will not create a complete book.

Page count for the pdf is limited to a maximum of 150 single pages. No changes for the page count of a printed book – you can do up to 100 double-sided pages.

Still relevant is the guide on the AFMS web site written by John Washburn. “An All American Club Yearbook: A Guide for Preparation.” This gives an explanation of each section, and what judges look for in rating the entries. It also highlights areas that are usually the weakest for many clubs and offers suggestions to improve those areas, as well as hints and tips for organizing the book.

Again this year, certain highlighted activities will be awarded bonus points, such as support for the AFMS contests, participation in Competitive Displays, utilization of the FRA junior program, and for members volunteering as Judges for any of the AFMS sponsored contests.

REMEMBER that the deadline for entry in the AFMS contest is April 1, 2017. Please make sure you have downloaded the new entry form for contest year 2016 from the AFMS website. It’s available in both pdf and Word. Check with your regional chairs for their deadline.

bullet2017 Application for Year 2016
bullet2017 Application for Year 2016 (Word Document)
bullet2017 Judges Score Sheet for Year 2016
bullet2017 Judges Score Sheet for Year 2016 (Word Document)
bulletAll American Guidebook

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