Representing Rock, Mineral, Lapidary, Micromounting Clubs located in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Region VI Rock Swap and Picnic
August 25, 2012
Gilbert Run Park, Charles County, MD
Hosted by Southern Maryland Rock & Mineral Club & Carl Miller, EFMLS VP

Harry & Tina League (SMRMC President of hosting club)          

Erich Grundel & Sheryl Sims, MSDC 

 Dave Lines (SMRMC & Event Organizer)      


Ti Meredith (NVMC Club

Amber Wihshi & Sheryl Sims (NVMC, MSDC, & SMRMC)

Patti & Harry Hobbs, (Richmond Club)

(Photos by S. Sims)





2006 Lake Anna Rock Swap

Calcite with Pyrite Inclusions

Chesopectans on the Beach

Morefield Mine

Unakite from Rose River

Whale Earbone from the James River

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