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The Creation of the AFM Web Site

This web site follows the test web site provided by Mel Albright that has provided the AFMS presence on the web for over the past year.  Mel provided the much appreciated ground breaking work to establish this web presence until a permanent was able to be defined and developed.  Without this initial test site, a lot of the information of the AFMS would not have been distributed on web.  Much of the information and many of the concepts on this site were taken from the original test site.  We would like honor Mel Albright for his work to help develop this site.

A committee of John Alf, Mel Albright, and Carolyn Weinberger was appointed by 1998 AFMS president Dee Holland to research and develop the outline for this web site.   Phil Herren did a lot of research and made many recommendations to the committee.   The following basic guidelines where used during this process for this site:

bulletEstablishment of a web site for the AFMS and the availability of companion sites for all regional federation desiring to utilize the same.
bulletEase of use of the site with availability to all areas of the country to permit all persons to be able to locate and view the material presented thereon.
bulletReasonable cost to the AFMS and each Regional Federation to build and maintain the site.
bulletEase of building and maintaining each site so professional assistance, at a great expense, might be avoided.
bulletAbility to transfer control of the site to a new Webmaster with a minimum of confusion or expense.

1999 President Lewis Elrod while working with the above, set the gears in motion for the actual construction of this site in 1999.

Through the assistance of Bob Keller of Bob's Rock Shop, we were able to set up this site with an internet host provider and obtain an URL that is owned by the AFMS.  The URL www.amfed.org can be relocated to a different provider if the need should ever arise, while maintaining a consistent URL.

Mel Albright (past AFMS Newsletter Editor, Safety Chairman, and Test Web Site Webmaster), along with Bill Luke (past AFMS Newsletter) William Klose, Cathy Gaber, Bob and Kathy Miller, and Carolyn Weinberger (AFMS Newsletter Editor), have been a great help providing much of the information presented on this site.

Updated as of 4-14-2001

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