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To promote interest and education in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, archaeology and lapidary, and to sponsor and provide means of coordinating the work and efforts of groups interested in these fields.


Membership is open to both adult and junior Societies located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and parts of Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, plus a few clubs in Arkansas, which elected to join the Midwest Federation. Individuals, who find it impractical to be a member of a Society, may apply for individual membership.


Member clubs pay annual dues, which at present are two dollars ($2.00) per capita for each adult member and fifty cents ($0.50) for each junior member of the Society. Of this amount, 50 cents ($.50) per adult member goes to the American Federation. Dues do not cover all expenses; they are augmented by one quarter of the net proceeds of the annual Convention and Show and interest income from the MWF Endowment Fund Major expenses are operation of the Program Library, printing, telephone, and postage involved in carrying out the Federation’s work. No officer or member of the Executive Committee receives any kind of salary. They pay their own expenses to and at meetings, and donate hundreds of hours of their time and skill to the Federation. The President and First Vice-President, who are delegates to the American Federation Convention, receive some travel expense money. The Uniform Rules Chairman is also alloted travel money to the AFMS Convention.


The work of the Federation is directed by a board of five (5) officers: a President, two (2) Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They are elected annually by the member clubs and members of the Executive Committee via mail vote. Administrative work falls to the Executive Committee, which consists of the five elected officers, the State Directors, Committee Chairmen and Past-Presidents. This committee meets in the Fall or Spring and at the Annual Convention to report and make recommendations to the Council. The Council is comprised of the Executive Committee and one delegate from each member club. It meets at the annual convention to conduct the business of the Federation.

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