Archaeology Programs


DVD53.  Rock Markings  Stories in Stone (petroglyphs)  Are they art or language?

DVD54.  Flintknapping.  How a hunter would have made a series of tools as his needs changed as he traveled, took down prey, prepared the meat, then returned home.

VHS5.  THE BIG PICTURE  (archaeology) --  30 minutes by Illinois DOT (1982)Rated: Excellent  Modern salvage archaeology uses methods very different from traditional means of gathering remains of native cultures.  It is the preferred method in some situations.  For intermediate to advanced audience. 

VHS6.  THE UNWRITTEN RECORD  (archaeology) -- 28 minutes by Illinois DOT  (1982) Rated: VGood to Excellent  Burial mounds in west central Illinois are excavated and analyzed  in advance of a highway building project (Not the same info as VHS5. above)   Suitable for a general to intermediate audience. 

VHS16.  FLINTKNAPPING -- 45 minutes  Bruce Bradley demonstrating (‘89)  Rated: VGood to Exceptional  A 'real time' demonstration of how a prehistoric hunter could make a series of tools from a single piece of obsidian (or similar material).

VHS33. KING TUT -- 25 minutes  Excellent  An overview of life in the Nile Valley at the time of King Tut; the discovery of his tomb and many treasures from the region. [Produced for the Treasures of Tutankhamun Exhibition 1976-79]

VHS102.  EARLY AMERICANS --  41 minutes produced by Shell Oil Co.   Rated: Good to Excellent   Though somewhat dated, this is a good overview of the search for archaeological evidence.  Several prehistoric cultures are highlighted and dating methods explained.  The use of stone tools, & more included.

VHS116.  VOICES IN THE STONES -- 50 minutes from the New Explorer Series (gift from AFMS) Rated: Good  First, Mayan pictograms are finally revealing their secrets. Then,  go deep in a gold mine to see how scientists probe the internal structure of the sun by collecting and studying particles that penetrate the rocks.